Hi Reiner,

I have only experience with Digitenne in the Netherlands. This is a DVB-T 
signal with CONAX protection.
I use a smargo cardreader, and a TVPC DVB-T receiver.
The software is OSCAM and vdr-plugin-sc and libvdr-sc-cardclient.

Details are here:

Please let me know how it works in Sweden.

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>Datum : 21/02/2014 09:27
>Aan : vdr@linuxtv.org
>Onderwerp : [vdr] VDR and ComHem in Sweden?
>I would be interested to know if somebody uses VDR with ComHem
>cable TV in Sweden. Is it possible to use the CAM and SmartCard with
>VDR if you have a subscription? If so, what DVB cards and CIs are
>NOTE: I am NOT asking how to crack it! I just want to use VDR
>instead of the receiver part of my TV.
>Best regards,
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