On 01.04.2014 13:29, Peter Münster wrote:
On Mon, Mar 31 2014, Peter Münster wrote:

What about adding a possibility to skip ±5 or ±10 seconds when replaying
a recording?

Would you perhaps accept a patch for the developer version?

Hi Klaus,

What about the attached patch?

There are several things I don't like about it ;-).

First and foremost I don't think that we need extra keys for jumping such
short distances as 5 or 10 seconds. Just use "fast forward" or "fast rewind"
for that.
What I would be willing to accept is a patch that makes the skip delta of
the yellow and green keys (currently a fixed +/-60s) configurable. I might
even go as far as making the yellow and green keys skip only a small distance
when pressed and released, and skipping a longer distance when held pressed
(repeat mode). It could even be made so that the distance increases over time,
so the longer you hold the key pressed, the farther it skips. However, this
might not be very practical because when skipping with repeat there is no
video displayed because the buffer gets cleared all the time. This is a general
problem I'm hoping to be able to address at some time.

All in all, skipping is done with the yellow and green keys, there will be no
additional keys for "shirt skips", because FFWD/FREW can easily be used for 
Let's keep it simple!  ;-)


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