> Epgsearch has an option to avoid duplicates, so it would record every
> episode once - no matter how old they are. Is that what you're looking for?
> If not, how can VDR decide if an episode is new or not?

I looked into this ages ago and iirc, there's no sure way for VDR to
know if an episode is new or not. But there are a couple ways you can
attempt it which should work well in most cases.

- Compare the "original air date" with the current date. This is
usually included in the epg info and probably the best way to identify
new episodes.
- Search for "New." in the show summary. This isn't as reliable as
using the original air date, but it's better than nothing as a
secondary method.

To my knowledge nobody has coded a plugin to do this. It would be
great if someone would though!

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