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Gerald Dachs <v...@dachsweb.de> wrote:

> Am 2014-05-26 05:09, schrieb VDR User:
> > There's no reason to touch the audio/video streams at all unless you
> > actually want to re-encode them for some reason. If all you want is 
> > an
> > .mkv rather than a .ts, that can be done in seconds with mkvmerge.
> > Re-encoding in that case is pointless & a waste of time.
> This is all true. Beside that there is no need to extract audio before 
> using handbrake, there is even no need to use mkvmerge if you don't 
> pretend on mkv.
> I had used an after recording script that just checked with avprobe, 
> whether the video codec is mpeg2video, or h264. If it was mpeg2video I 
> simply renamed the file to
> .mpeg, and for h264 to .mp4. Every programs known by me played this 
> files without any problems. No need for mkv.

It's better to use mkvmerge (or ffmpeg etc for mpeg2) to remultiplex
properly. You still don't have to transcode the streams so it doesn't
take much longer. Players can't tell how long (in terms of time) TS
files are, or how any point in the file corresponds to time for seeking

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