Lars Hanisch wrote:

Am 28.05.2014 09:03, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
On 28.05.2014 07:59, Richard Scobie wrote:
I am currently having problems with either cabling or the Diseq switch attached 
to tuner 0 on my TT S2 6400, so as a
workaround, I thought I could use the "- D 1" switch to vdr, to force using 
tuner 1 only.

When I do this, it seems vdr does not see the card as full featured any more - 
no MPEG decoder and no OSD:

That's because the "full featured" part of the TT S2-6400 is linked to tuner 0.

  I'm not a DVB-S user, but maybe you can use the diseqc.conf to bound device 1 
(tuner 0) to a source you haven't in your
channels.conf (like a none existing S1E).

  OTOH you can write a plugin which provides an device hook, that returns always false in 
"DeviceProvidesTransponder" if
the given device is a cDvbDevice and has an adapter/frontend of 0/0.



Thanks both, I'll just swap the input cables for now.



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