Thank you for your suggestion, TBS6285 is not supported yet.
It has si2168 demodulator and si2158 tuner, both are used by another USB card.

I had started to implement it and  found it difficult to me.
Demodulator code is little bit different and  missing functions there.

This is sad, because card looks like good, low power consumption, low profile, 4x tuner.



Dne 2014-06-03 07:29, manio napsal:
Hello Milos,

On 2014-06-02 16:23, Milos Kapoun wrote:
I have problem witch TBS6285 card

it was difficult to get it work.  TBS drivers replace all media tree
in the kernel. After compilation I have problem with IR remote on the
current Hauppage Nova–T card. I decided to use only drivers for new
card with original kernel media build and it is impossible. Then I
changed IR receivers and connect it to the TBS6285. TBS have different
3V IR receivers.
And the end, VDR onscreen menu is unusable slow. 30s between key
presses. CPE load is more than 2, replay is OK, less than 0.2. Menu
parts, for example settings are good too.
I think it caused by function witch reading information from card.
Do you have any experience with this card or advice?
Oh it seems that original TBS drivers are indeed a crap!

I don't know if it will work (and if your card is 100% supported),
but you can try the Luis Jalves' drivers:


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