On 14.06.2014 16:40, Arthur Konovalov wrote:
I've noticed strange effect with the SNR bar. Every time when UNC counter 
increased SNR bar becomes more and more red. In the same time hex and percent 
values are fine. Combined screenshot from femon plugin: 
It's not plugin depended. The same behavior can be observed on standard VDR's 
channel LCARS skin info bar.

Why UNC occurred, it's a different story. Currently I can't explain why viewing 
some (not all!) HD channels lead to the UNC (disturbance are visible too). Is 
it bitrate or something else, I don't know. It seems only 1080i suffer, not 
720p and BER stays always on zero. If somebody have any method to
debug and find reason of this, I will be thankful for sharing.

It would appear that UNC is a static counter that is simply counted up with
every uncorrected error, and is only reset to 0 on a channel switch.

I don't know about femon, but the way VDR uses this counter to produce its
"signal quality" measure is

  int b = 100 - (Unc * 10 + (Ber / 256) * 5);

So if the value of Unc increases, the signal quality decreases.
Maybe we should only take Unc into account if it has been counted up
within the past few seconds?

If anybody can suggest a proper way of doing this, please speak up.


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