Am 15.07.2014 um 14:08 schrieb Norm Dressler <>:

> Thanks for the quick response.  I had downloaded a tarball of 0.0.5 and I 
> believe the git version I have is 0.0.9.  

Well, 0.0.5 was quite long time ago… ;-)

> I applied the patch but I'm still getting the disruptions - where it was 
> blanking the screen before it seems to be 'glitching' and occasionally 
> blanking.

Could you please try plain 0.0.9 without the latest patches in git? And some 
more information would be really helpful… whether it happens only on live-TV, 
your audio settings, config.txt, etc...

Furthermore I'd try to play a file with omxplayer to see, whether it's related 
to the plugin or to your setup.


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