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Van : cedric.dew...@telfort.nl
Datum : 05/10/2014 17:05
Aan : vdr@linuxtv.org
Onderwerp : [vdr] digitenne recording: image is shifted a few pixels to the left
Hi All,
I have used this guide to install VDR on debian:
When I play the digitenne recordings, I see the first few rows coming from the 
right of the image are actually on the left on the image. It's like the image 
is rotated a bit horizontally. It's a bit hard to describe, but if the original 
picture was like this:
What I see on my monitor is like this:
This happens when I playback with VDR itself, and also when I playback with 
VLC. Therefore I think it's in the recorded .ts itself. I have seen it with 
recordings made on my arm allwinner A20, and on recordings made with a AMD 
athlon 64. Both recordings are made with the same DVB-T receiver.
Has anybody seen the same on their recordings? Is this my DVB-T receiver, my 
version of VDR? Or does digitenne (DVB-T Netherlands) actually broadcasts the 
signal like this?
my versions: (from the ARM machine, my X86 platform is decommissioned)
~# vdr --version
Oct  5 19:04:08.181 [general.debug] using new 1.7.11+ capture code
vdr (1.7.28/1.7.28) - The Video Disk Recorder
epgsearchonly (0.0.1) - Direct access to epgsearch's search menu
quickepgsearch (0.0.1) - Quick search for broadcasts
streamdev-server (0.6.0) - VDR Streaming Server
xineliboutput (1.0.90-cvs) - X11/xine-lib output plugin
conflictcheckonly (0.0.1) - Direct access to epgsearch's conflict check menu
sc (1.0.0pre-HG-29b7b5f231c8+) - A software emulated CAM
live (0.2.0) - Live Interactive VDR Environment
epgsearch (1.0.1) - search the EPG for repeats and more
:~# lsusb
Bus 004 Device 004: ID 2013:0245 PCTV Systems PCTV 73ESE
Bus 004 Device 005: ID 2013:0245 PCTV Systems PCTV 73ESE
Bus 004 Device 006: ID 2013:0245 PCTV Systems PCTV 73ESE
Kind regards,
Strange, it's not with all recordings. I don't know what the difference is. 
Maybe only one of the 3 receivers is doing this.
Kind regards,

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