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In at least some of the recordings I've made from the Finnish YLE-
channels there is a small gap at the start of the actual program and
VDR has chosen to record the rest of the program in a new file.

This is also visible in live viewing and lately I noticed that this
seems to occur pretty much every time at the start of the news, so
today I recorded a small sample while saving the same channel on
another, identical, adapter using:

I know there are several other Finns lurking around on this list, but
as far as I know no-one else has reported this.

I'm guessing that the problem has something to do with subtitles and/or
audio tracks, but I'm certainly no expert.


I believe this is a known issue with YLE and if I remember correctly the
reason is that they always change PIDs when a new program starts and
this causes a small gap due to how VDR handles this situation i.e. it
changes the channel to the same channel but with the new PIDs.

Matti Lehtimäki

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