Is it possible to set to not update pids only for certain channels, not globally? YLE channels in this case.

12.10.2014 22:17, Mikko Tuumanen kirjutas:
In at least some of the recordings I've made from the Finnish YLE-
channels there is a small gap at the start of the actual program and
VDR has chosen to record the rest of the program in a new file.

I'm guessing that the problem has something to do with subtitles and/or
audio tracks, but I'm certainly no expert.

When pids of a recorded channel are changed, vdr stops recording and (a
few seconds) later starts it again with the new pids.

A long time ago I tried to do a quick hack to fix this.
I tried to add the new pids to the running recording instead of stopping.
I didn't care about removing the old pids, because with Yle channels
the removed pids are not given to some other channels, but just not sent
at all.

It turned out that adding the pids wasn't that easy. It seemed quite
difficult to dig the necessary information out of vdr immediately.
I have no idea if that has changed in recent years.

There might be a workaround for this problem:

Put all pids from that pdf to channels.conf and
change vdr settings to not update pids.

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