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got German, English and Russian.
If you'd like your favorite language to be included, it's as
easy as translating the following 7 texts. For support of
SD TV displays it would be good to have every line except
the first two to be smaller than say 35 characters, if possible.

Full line texts
* "Permashift out of memory!"
* "Press key to continue permanent timeshift"
Short texts
* "Auto-buffer live TV"
* "Enable plugin"
* "Memory buffer size"
* "Buffer saving blocks rewind"
(This means that pressing rewind results first in saving of the
whole buffer and rewinding has to wait for that time. To be
honest, I found that hard to express that short even in my
mother language...)
* "Maximum recording length (hours)"


"Permashiftin muisti on lopussa!"
"Paina nappia jatkaaksesi pysyvää aikasiirtoa"
"Puskuroi TV-lähetystä"
"Ota liitännäinen käyttöön"
"Muistipuskurin koko"
"Buffer saving blocks rewind"???
"Pisin tallennusaika (tuntia)"

I find the English string ambiguous, as in "Verbing weirds language" or "Time flies like an arrow".

I guess that "blocks rewind" is verb+noun here, instead of noun+verb. If that is the case, I think that you should write "Buffer saving blocks rewinding" to make it more clear. Or maybe even:
"Rewinding saves buffer first" (omitting "the" to keep it short).

Assuming that this is the intended meaning, I would suggest the following translation:

"Taaksepäin kelaus tallentaa puskurin ensin"

which is obviously too long for a short string. Maybe we can use the English word for the button name:

"Rewind tallentaa puskurin ensin"

or even a graphical symbol "<<" (ASCII) or "◀◀" (two U+25C0) in place of "Rewind". (I did not find any media-control characters in Unicode, except U+23CF EJECT SYMBOL.)

"◀◀ tallentaa puskurin ensin"

Maybe the same would work in other languages too:

"◀◀ saves the buffer first"

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