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Could i again propose that permashift would have the same functionality as the old livebuffer had? I would like permashift to constantly record the channel you watch into RAM (or HDD if you want to break it :-) so that i could just hit rewind, and have the progralm i watch rewinded. Now permashift needs that i hit pause first..

The next enhancement would be great to combine permashift with the EPG and recording a program. Eg. I watch a program, and later decide that i want to record it, permashift would append from the buffer the beginning of the program to the recording that i turned manually later on..

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On 23.11.2014 15:34, Eike wrote:

Personally I don't mind setting the language of the software I run to

I guess many people having learned English early in school don't care
too much. I personally don't mind English, but I do not like mixed
language interfaces, linke having most parts in my native language
and then some plugins in English.

I am however a native speaker in dutch, so I can provide a list
of translations. If there are multiple translations possible, I give more
than one option. All the different translations have slightly different

Thanks for your translations! I retranslated them with Google Translate,
so I surely got a grasp on all those subtle differences to choose the best
ones... ;o)


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