Sorry for top-posting my previous message!

On 23.11.2014 18:37, Eike wrote:
It does exactly what you're describing! Direct rewinding goes into live buffer.
(That's what the "buffer saving blocks rewinding" option is about. :o) )

I have to take a new look, because an earlier version what i tested did not start the recording into the buffer automatically on channel-changes. I'm sorry that i missed this! :-)

Permashift does prepend the buffer to a recording, but it does not
consult the EPG about the length. To be honest, I don't consider this
a problem. Starting a recording earlier for safety reasons is the default
for ordinary recordings as well, and you can either fast forward when
watching the recording or cut it to fit the stuff you wanted to record.

Ok, i really need to re-check the plugin. I obviously have missed this when i had it last time installed :-)


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