On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 08:31:41PM +0200, Jari Fredriksson wrote:
> This might  be the culprit. My sources.conf is just with the stock
> contents, it does have T and C defined.
> But my DVB-C tuner is a hybrid with T capability also. I'll try to
> switch it to device 1 and the DVB-T tuner as device 0.

This will not work. VDR will use any available device to receive channels.
If you have defined order of your devices, meaning that DVB-C device is always 
0, and DVB-T device always 1, then you could edit your free-to-air channels to 
be received with specific tuner.

CA field of sources.conf can be used to define which device to use to receive 
channel, so you could try this.

So instead the line from your channels.conf:
> Yle 
> TV2;YLE:562000:B8C23D0G8M64T8Y0:T:27500:513=2:660=fin@4,661=swe@4:5000:0:33:8438:4097:0

Try this:


Meaning VDR will use only device #2 to receive channel (VDR starts counting 
from 1, DVB API from 0).

Change other free-to-air channels too if this is working for you.

If you plan to add more DVB-T tuners, then better way would be patching drivers 
or VDR to ignore DVB-T capability for the DVB-C tuner.

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