Yes it be run as user, had the same problem. Try add your user to vdr group 
and run vdr as user. I think it was how I solved the problem.


MÃ¥ndagen den 22 december 2014 15.23.07 skrev  Norm Dressler:
Hi all,

I've began playing with the IPTV plugin and just can't figure out some
things.  I have VDR configured with a headless server running streamdev.
Works great with ATSC channels and the like.

I've installed IPTV plugin and added a vlc2iptv channel to my channels.conf
and added the URL into the appropriate file.  The channel is Sky News.  I
run VDR as root on my headless box.  I'm not getting any errors to indicate
there is something wrong so I'm guessing its the 'can't run vlc as root'
issue I'm encountering since the batch file vlc2iptv is launching it
directly.  How can I get this to work?

Is there a better way to play streams then using vlc2iptv?   Perhaps
someone can sure their free TV iptv channels.conf that don't use vlc2iptv
so I can at least see if it works with streamdev properly?

The documentation on this plugin is sparse - not much available especially
about the file format of the .conf file used by vlc2iptv, which I've had to
guess at.

Hoping to get more info!

Norm Dressler

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