On 31.12.2014 15:11, Richard F wrote:
Klaus / Mario - thanks for the feedback / info about filters.
I will probably stay with the filters in 2.0.6 for DVB-T and DVB-T2 as it gives 
me good functionality.
The Freeview HD EPG is quick in this config - a few minutes to get the full EPG.

A couple more questions...

a)  In later versions, the conditional

if (Setup.SetSystemTime && Setup.TimeTransponder)

was removed for the TDT PID filter. What was the reason for that?


2012-12-08: Version 1.7.33

- Now always setting the TDT EIT filter, because otherwise when turning on 
using the
  transponder time in the Setup menu, it would only be used after the next 
  of VDR (thanks to Sundararaj Reel).

b)  With more recent kernels (3.4 and 3.12, I think anything higher than 3.0)  
I'm seeing regular dmesg events like so

usb 1-1.2: dtv_property_legacy_params_sync: doesn't know how to handle a DVBv3 
call to delivery system 0

I'm not sure what causes this (no other errors), but it's related to the older 
DVB-T receivers. VDR is built with the same kernel/DVB as the machine it runs 
on.  Is this just a driver issue, or is there a test VDR could/should do based 
on API to avoid making the unhandled DVBv3 call ?  The receiver
functions well for TV reception as far as I can tell, and though I can filter 
the messages going to syslog, all these dmesg events lose the bootup info.

I'm afraid I don't know that.


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