Am 08.01.2015 um 18:16 schrieb jacek burghardt:
> I wonder if anyone is using plex with vdr.? I use vdr 2.1.6 and it
> does not seems to work with vdr i get channel not responding and plex
> plugin shows unavaiable
I don't understand exactly what you mean, because plex is ambiguous.
There is the Plex Media Server, the Plex Apps for smartphones, or TVs,
Plex Home Theater, Plex Web App ...

I use the Plex Media Server, but not directly with the vdr. I use a vdr
recording hook, that transcodes every recording to mp4 with x264 codec
and renames it so that Plex Media Server easy gets it infos from the
themoviedb, and thetvdb. That works very good, at least good enough for me.

I don't use Plex for live TV, my TV can do this alone.


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