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MD5 checksums:

1c954bad31ce74cd1cbd7987e62d2a98  vdr-2.1.7.tar.bz2
88a90327a75833b7723942d3bd25f954  vdr-2.1.6-2.1.7.diff


This is a *developer* version. Even though *I* use it in my productive
environment, I strongly recommend that you only use it under controlled
conditions and for testing and debugging.

The changes since version 2.1.6:

- No longer logging an error message in DirSizeMB() if the given directory 
  exist. This avoids lots of log entries in case several VDRs use the same video
  directory and one of them has already physically removed a recording 
  while the others still have it in their list of deleted recordings.
- Updated the Italian OSD texts (thanks to Diego Pierotto).
- A cCamSlot that has WantsTsData set to true in its constructor now also gets
  the CAT and EMM PIDs data.
- Fixed a possible division by zero in frame rate detection.
- VDR now reads command line options from *.conf files in /etc/vdr/conf.d 
  to Lars Hanisch). See vdr.1 and vdr.5 for details.
- Fixed a possible crash in the LCARS skin (thanks to Thomas Reufer).
- Updated the dvbhddevice plugin source.
- Fixed a bug in the Makefile when installing plugins with LCLBLD=1 (thanks to
  Stefan Huelswitt).
- The pid of the PMT in which the CA descriptors of a given channel are 
  is now stored together with the CA descriptors and can be retrieved by calling
  GetPmtPid() (this information is only required to receive encrypted channels
  with the OctopusNet receiver via the 'satip' plugin).
- Channels that are not listed in the SDT are now only marked as OBSOLETE if
  "Setup/DVB/Update channels" is set to a value other than "no" or "PIDs only".
- Fixed multiple OBSOLETE marks in channels that are not listed in the SDT in 
  "Setup/Miscellaneous/Show channel names with source" is set to "yes".
- The new function cOsd::DrawScaledBitmap() is now used for drawing subtitles.
  This function can be reimplemented by high level OSDs which may be able to do
  the scaling in hardware or otherwise more efficiently (thanks to Thomas 
- Fixed detaching receivers from devices in case a CAM needs to receive the TS
  (reported by Dietmar Spingler).
- Fixed resetting the receiver for EMM pids for CAMs that need to receive the TS
  (reported by Dietmar Spingler).
- Fixed (well, actually worked around) a problem with subtitles not being 
  because the broadcaster doesn't set the data's version numbers as required by 
  DVB standard (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Fixed support for systemd (thanks to Christopher Reimer).
- Added a missing backslash to the help text of the SVDRP command MOVR (thanks 
  Lars Hanisch).
- Added subsystem id support for DVB devices connected via USB (thanks to Jose
  Alberto Reguero).
- Added the functions IndexOf(), InsertUnique(), AppendUnique() and 
  to the cVector class (thanks to Stefan Schallenberg).
- Fixed a possible out-of-bounds access in cVector::Remove().
- Added functions to set and retrieve the priority of a cReceiver (suggested by
  Frank Schmirler).
- Added the new parameters "Setup/Miscellaneous/Volume steps" and
  ".../Volume linearize" (thanks to Claus Muus). See the MANUAL for details.
- Fixed jumping to an absolute position via the Red key in case replay was 
  (reported by Dieter Ferdinand).
- Changed the German weekday names from "MonDieMitDonFreSamSon" to
  "Mo.Di.Mi.Do.Fr.Sa.So." (thanks to Stefan Blochberger).
- Now handling CAT sections that consist of more than one TS packet.
- Added handling for DTS audio tracks to cPatPmtParser::ParsePmt() (thanks to
  Thomas Reufer).
- Added support for PGS subtitles (thanks to Thomas Reufer).
- Use of the function cOsd::GetBitmap() outside of derived classes is now 
  and it may be made 'protected' in a future version, since it doesn't work with
  TrueColor OSDs. Plugin authors may want to modify their code so that it
  works without this function.
- Modified the descriptions of several threads, so that the important 
  (like device or frontend numbers) is within the first 15 characters of the
  string, because only these are displayed in thread listings. Plugin authors 
  want to do the same.
- Added the channel name to log messages that reference a channel (suggested by
  Dietmar Spingler).
- Modified the CAM API so that it is possible to implement CAMs that can be 
  assigned to any devices (thanks to Jasmin Jessich).
- Plugins can now implement the function SetMenuSortMode() in their skin objects
  derived from cSkinDisplayMenu, to get informed about the currently used sort
  mode, if applicable (suggested by Martin Schirrmacher).
- Added cOsdProvider::OsdSizeChanged(), which plugins that implement an output 
  can call to signal a change in the OSD that requires a redraw of the currently
  displayed object (thanks to Thomas Reufer).
- Added a comment to cRecorder::Activate() about the need to call Detach() in 
  destructor (suggested by Eike Sauer).
- Now returning from removing deleted recordings after at most 10 seconds, or 
if the
  user presses a remote control key, to keep the system from getting 
  when removing a huge number of files (reported by Dieter Ferdinand).
- Fixed generating the index file of an existing recording in case at the of a 
TS file
  there is less data in the buffer than needed by the frame detector. In such a 
  it was possible that frames were missed, and there was most likely a 
  when replaying that part of a recording. This is mostly a problem for 
recordings that
  consist of more than one *.ts file. Single file recordings could only lose 
  frames at their very end, which probably doesn't matter. At any rate, if you 
  generated an index file with VDR version 2.0.6, 2.1.5 or 2.1.6, you may want 
  do so again with this version to make sure the index is OK.
- Added the new command line option --updindex, which can be used to update an
  incomplete index of a recording (based on a patch from Helmut Auer).

Have fun!


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