VDR-2.1.7 added the following:

- VDR now reads command line options from *.conf files in
/etc/vdr/conf.d (thanks
  to Lars Hanisch). See vdr.1 and vdr.5 for details.

It seems like this is a welcome change. I plan on moving my command
line options into a single .conf I can share with all my VDR clients
for convenience, and to simplify my tv script. But, I also take
advantage of the ONEDIR option in Make.config because it's easier for
me to keep track of & backup all of VDRs files. And I hate having
files spread all over the place anyways. For those unfamiliar:

# Use 'make ONEDIR=1' to have all data in one single directory:
ifdef ONEDIR
VIDEODIR     = /video

To stay in line with the idea that ONEDIR actually keeps all data in
one single directory, it makes sense that $ARGSDIR (where the conf.d
files would otherwise go) be included as well. Otherwise, ONEDIR isn't
actually consolidating all VDR data.

I'm proposing adding ARGSDIR = $(VIDEODIR) to the ONEDIR ifdef. If
anyone can think of a good reason not to do this, please voice your


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