On 13.02.2015 16:52, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
In order to help translators coordinate their work (and avoid duplicate
work) for the upcoming VDR 2.2.0, I have set up the directory


which contains the latest version of all VDR core *.po files.
The file "Untranslated" in this directory contains a list of
all the *.po files that still contain untranslated texts, each
followed by the number of missing translations.
These are currently

ar.po: 54
ca_ES.po: 54
cs_CZ.po: 54
da_DK.po: 187
el_GR.po: 250
es_ES.po: 54
hr_HR.po: 187
nn_NO.po: 315
pt_PT.po: 82
ru_RU.po: 54
sk_SK.po: 54
sl_SI.po: 55
sr_RS.po: 54
tr_TR.po: 187
uk_UA.po: 3
zh_CN.po: 54

I will update these files as translations come in.
If you are considering to contribute translations, please use these
files as your starting point.

The countdown for VDR version 2.2.0 is running, so translations can
only be adopted until next Wednesday, February 19.

Sorry, typo. It's of course February 18.


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