There has been some progress around "vdrctl".

Am 08.02.2015 um 15:05 schrieb Lars Hanisch:
> vdrctl
> ------
> What I like to see in the future is a tool "vdrctl" which will add/remove 
> those symlinks or list the available or
> actived plugins etc. I would like to only specify an API for this tool, so 
> every distribution can develop its own tool.
> Of course there can be a reference implementation like a simple shell-, Perl- 
> or Python-script.
> In the following ARGSDIR is the configured conf.d path in your Make.config 
> (or read by pkg-config).
> AVAILDIR is ARGSDIR/../conf.avail if not another directory is given.
> Filenames are the names of the files without their directory.
> Usage:
>   vdrctl [global options] command [command options]
> Global options:
>   --argsdir=<directory>
>     read files from <directory> instead of ARGSDIR
>   --availdir=<directory>
>     read files from <directory> instead of ARGSDIR/../conf.avail
> Commands:
> list
>   (without options)
>   print a sorted list of all configuration files from AVAILDIR
>   --enabled
>   print a sorted list of all configuration files from ARGSDIR
>   --disabled
>   print a sorted list of all configuration files from AVAILDIR which are not 
> symlinked to ARGSDIR
> enable <filename>
>   create a symlink in ARGSDIR pointing to the file in AVAILDIR
> disable <filename>
>   remove the symlink in ARGSDIR
> edit <filename>
>   start an editor so the user can add/remove options to the file in AVAILDIR

Added a new command:

   print a list of all available configuration files and if it's enabled 
   disabled (no symlink in ARGSDIR) or static (regular file in ARGSDIR).

 A reference implementation has been started on github:


 For the next vdr developer release I will send a patch so it will possible to 
print the commandline help of a single
plugin instead of having the help of vdr and the given plugin. And maybe the 
help will have a (selectable) custom
format, so it can be directly used in a conf-file. In the extended_edit-branch 
this help is embedded into the conf-file
when invoking "vdrctl edit" (and is removed before saving it, just like git or 
mercurial are doing it with commit messages).

 A kind of useful tool, if you have made the work and split all the parameters 
across some files.

Stay tuned...


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