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Thank you Tobias, Mirko Doelle and Peter Siering!

Thanks from me, too!
Great article!

Thanks from me too, using VDR since 2004, and still on the same hardware. Admittedly, I am not using VDR that much any more. It was very important for more than 5 years when the kids were younger and wanted to see their favourite programs, over and over again. :)

Some reader comments in that article seemed to suggest that VDR is becoming obsolete due to streaming services and RaaS cloud services (recording-as-a-service). Those readers seem to forget two important issues: privacy, and availability of service. The one who controls the data has the power to violate the users’ privacy and to make the service unavailable. I do not want to be watched when I watch TV, and I do not want the service to suddenly disappear or become crippled.

A couple of years ago, there was a legal dispute between some cloud TV provider and the copyright mafia in Finland. The end result was that the provider was forced out of business, and its competitor (owned by a telecom almost-monopoly company) made a "deal" that it will insert more ads when the recordings are streamed. That kind of nonsense cannot happen when the end users are in control of the data.


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