I have refurbished the VDR User Counter (see http://www.tvdr.de/counter.htm)
and added a map of all registered VDR users. You can now also enter the number
of VDRs you are using (default is '1' for existing entries).

I'm asking all registered users to please access their entries and verify the
"Location" (and adjust it as desired). By default the location is determined 
the IP number and may be way off. Please make sure you press the "Change"
button in the editing dialog to verify your location, even if you don't
adjust it!

Registered users have received an email upon registration, containing a link
to the page where they can edit their entry. If that link got lost, a new
one can be requested via the "Forgot your password?" function (see

I would appreciate if many VDR users update their counter entries, or newly
register their VDRs.


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