I have the following problem:

when pressing "menu" with my Raspberry pi Lirc, VDR crashes:

Mar 31 13:51:09 vdrfe vdr: [2456] rpihddevice: [OpenVG] cannot allocate pixmap of 2804px x 781px, clipped to 2048px x 781px! Mar 31 13:51:09 vdrfe vdr: [2469] rpihddevice: [EGL] failed to create pixel buffer surface: bad alloc! Mar 31 13:51:09 vdrfe vdr: [2456] rpihddevice: [OpenVG] failed to create pixmap! (allocation failed)

- vdr 2.2.0
- raspberry pi current git
- skinnopacity 1.1.3 + the second version of skinnopacity remotetimers patch
- remotetimers v 1.0.1

I have set gpu_mem to 256M

With rpihddevice from git Mar 8th, no crashes, but I could not use accelerated OSD (the subtitles did not work).

I pulled the repository again about a week ago, and got accelerated osd working. Yesterday the problem I described started, and I re-pulled the git, because it seemed there was a fix. Not working.

When not using accelerated OSD, it works fine, but rendering subtitles takes so long that there is hardly time to read them.

Any suggestions?  Should I insert more debug info? (what and how?)


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