On 24.04.2015 16:12, Zouhair wrote:
Le vendredi 24 avril 2015
Klaus Schmidinger <klaus.schmidin...@tvdr.de> a écrit:

On 24.04.2015 13:43, Zouhair wrote:

how to make vdr save epg data ?
I use xmltv2vdr to retrieve epg database, so is need about 5
minutes to put in to vdr. Should always run xmltv2vdr after
restarting vdr ?

the epg.data is configured to be stored in /home/.config/vdr/ with
right permission, but no file created :(

Here cmd line:
/usr/bin/vdr -v /home/Video -c /home/.config/vdr -L /usr/lib/vdr
-r /usr/lib/vdr/vdr-recordingaction -s
-E /home/.config/vdr/epg.data ...

there may be a setup that I ignored ?


vdr version 2.2.0 (compiled from source without any patch)
debian jessie i386
linux 3.19.0

VDR saves the epg.data only every 10 minutes. Maybe you're not
waiting long enough?


after 10 hours, no file (epg.data) created.

I just saw that there is an option '-s' without an argument in your
command line. Try leaving that one out, or provide an actual script
file name.


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