On 25.04.2015 01:23, Tarik CHOUGUA wrote:
Hi all,
I wanna start vdr as root with -P'softhddevice -d :0.0 -f -v vdpau -a hw:0,7 
-D' at openbox startup.
How I can do that properly please ?

I don't think it is necessary to start vdr with openbox. The easiest way is to simply have softhddevice start the X-Server. Just put an "-x" to your command line and remove the "-d :0.0".

If you really want to start vdr through openbox, then the following should work. Run the commands below under /root (not tested though):

mkdir -p .config/openbox/
[ -f .config/openbox/autostart ] && cp .config/openbox/autostart .config/openbox/autostart-$(date +%s) #backup just in case echo "/usr/local/bin/vdr -v /video0 -l 3 -w 60 -s /usr/local/bin/vdr-shutdown -c /etc/vdr -L /usr/lib/vdr --lirc=/dev/lircd -P'softhddevice -d :0.0 -f -v vdpau -a hw:0,7 -D'" > .config/openbox/autostart

Simply adjust the above to your setup...


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