W dniu 2015-05-22 11:59, Klaus Schmidinger pisze:
On 22.05.2015 06:42, Marx wrote:
W dniu 2015-05-21 12:59, Klaus Schmidinger pisze:
On 20.05.2015 16:50, Marx wrote:
W dniu 2015-05-18 23:50, Klaus Schmidinger pisze:
On 18.05.2015 21:15, Marx wrote:
I've recently upgraded VDR and all my DVB-T channels has "OBSOLETE"
attached to the name. Is it already fixed?

Which version of VDR are you running?

What is the setting of "Setup/DVB/Update channels"?

Are there any log entries that might help?

I use 2.2.0-1~etobi4

UpdateChannels = 3

Please try setting this to 5.
Maybe the channels have changed in some way that '3' doesn't cover.

will it also add automatically new channels to the list? I don't want
to enable it then, because I only use subset of channels, and my
channel list shouldn't be changed.

My guess was that maybe the channels have changed in such a way that they
need to be newly added and the old ones are obsolete. You could make a
copy of your current channels.conf file and restore that one after doing

I think there is sth wrong with detection of obsolete channels. It
probably work with sattelite channels, but not with DVB-T

I also have DVB-T here and no such problems.

Please try the attached patch. It was originally made to fix a problem
with DVB-S, but maybe it also fixes your problem.
I've changed to "5" and it only slowed down things, but slowly all of channels became OBSOLETE again. I didn't try patch because I use VDR from repository and "OBSOLETE" inside name doesn't bother me so much. Anyway thank you for help.


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