My satellite provider (M7/TV Vlaanderen) has an artificial limitation on its smartcards which makes the card lock up if you try to decode more than 4 channels at once.

I'm perfectly fine with that, as 4 channels should be enough (and multiple overlapping /recordings/ on the same /channel/ still count as 1!). But because I never watch live TV, the epgsearch plugin creates all my timers automatically. So I cannot easily prevent it from locking up if I'm not at home to manually check the created timers. Most channels (PIDs) are in the same transport stream, which means I never get 'conflicts'.

I've asked on IRC and it was suggested to ask for a new feature to the epgsearch plugin. Before I look into that further (my C skills date back to 1999...), I'd like to poll the maillist to hear additional opinions. For example, perhaps it would make sense to have such a setting in VDR itself to hard-limit the number of simultaneous recordings on weaker hardware/slow disks, and trigger conflicts as well. Or perhaps there is still another workaround?

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Pascal Vandeputte
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