I'm trying to receive BBC-SATBACK from 27.5W. I surely won't go into any
decryption details here.

I can play *all* of the channels in the transponder in VLC via the "TS"
stream from vdr-streamdev.

In case of "PES" streams, however, I can only play the SD channels
(MPEG-2 audio & video), but none HD channels (H.264 video and AAC
audio). No data come in. A similar problem happens with vdr-xvdr: SD
channels work, HD channels don't.

This is what appears in the log:
Aug 16 14:22:50 [vdr] [11075] cAudioRepacker(0xC0): skipped 230 bytes
while syncing on next audio frame
Aug 16 14:23:06 [vdr] [11075] ERROR: no useful data seen within 10501304
byte of video stream

Could you guys please point me at what could cause this? Decryption is
apparently working given that TS streams work...

Luboš Doležel

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