I've been testing my H264 conversion script, and come across a problem
with the VDR 1.6 subtitles

VDR 1.6 (.vdr) recordings
The subtitle stream is reported by VLC as type "subtitle",  "codec: DVD
subtitles (spu)"
ffmpeg reports  "Stream #0:2[0x20]: Subtitle: dvd_subtitle"
For reasons unknown, subtitles do not show on VLC (although you can
select the subs track), Kodi, mplayer and ffplay
VDR 2.20 + VOMP 0.4.1 shows subtitles CORRECTLY, so they exist in the

VDR 2.20 (.ts) recordings
ffmpeg reports  "Stream #0:3[0x131](eng): Subtitle: dvb_subtitle
([6][0][0][0] / 0x0006)"

Subtitles show on VLC, ffplay and VDR 2.20 + Kodi (using VNSI)
Subtitles do not show on VDR 2.20 + VOMP 0.4.1

ffmpeg reports no subtitle data when transcoding / copying the VDR 1.6
streams, even when forcing the codec to "dvb_subtitle"
Obviously if possible I would like to retain the subtitle data when
transcodingaround 8 years of recordings.

Could someone please confirm :

a) Is there an issue with VOMP on VDR 2.20 re: subtitles and old VDR 1.6
recordings ?
b) Is there a Linux or windows video player that shows subtitles in VDR
1.6 (.vdr) recordings ?
c) Is there a magic switch in FFMPEG or other tool to recognise /
transcode / export the "DVD subtitles" ? Or another program ?

If all else fails, I assume it's possible to extract the data using
functions in old VDR 1.6 code, but that might be a bit involved...

Thanks !

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