On 10/25/15 11:44, Nicolas Huillard wrote:
Hi all,

I still have a problem with my new setup:
* Raspberry Pi B (256MB system + 256MB video)
* MLD 5.0.0 testing distribution (http://www.minidvblinux.de/) on a 4GB
class 6 SD card, using VDR
* vdr-plugin-rpihddevice (from MLD 1:2015.08.24-37+
* Octopus Net (firmware 1.0.55) : Linux VLC shows TV channels without
* vdr-plugin-satip (from MLD 2015.09.19-20+
* recordings on an NFS share (works for playing, didn't test recording)
* the Raspberry is powered from one of the 5V output from the Octopus,
which provides enough power for the CI interface, which seems

Playing live TV works great, until some point a few dozen minutes later,
where some errors start to appear in /var/log/messages:


I strongly suggest you use the newer Raspberry Pi 2 model.
I have two of these in operation, and they work like a charm.
Before that I also experimented with the model 1, but had
similar problems as you described.


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