Let me start of by presenting myself. I am a Computer Engineer and a
business man, looking to launch a service where TV channels from primarily
satellites will be made available to the public.

I am trying to garner more info on this topic but it is so difficult to
figure out the requirements are and what the best/most optimal solution
would be.

I'd appreciate if you could take some time to help me figure out what is
out there, and where our focus should be on first.

>From linuxtv i understand that there are a number of cards one could use
for this purpose.
I am interested in good quality cards, that allows us to record and present
as many channels as possible for as little money as possible.

Most cards out there supports maximum 4 channels per cards. Some I've
looked into costs around 200 USD per card and for 2000 channels, excluding
all other hardware, that would cost around 100 000 USD.

Do you know of any suitable cards to look into for this matter?

Also, what software solutions would one need for the tv card up to the
presentation part?

Also, maybe there are already services out there which would allow us to
get access to channels content, without setting up a satellite and such
cards. For instnance, free linux tv services with already existing content.
However, relialibilty is the key here, and channels cannot come and

What else would one need to consider in order to provide such a solution?

Also, do you know of other similar existing and competing solutions out
there already? I know of some of these sites, but non of them are
comprehensive or good enough.

If you were to help out and become a valuable contributor, you will indeed
be rewarded with shares and money generated from this project. I can't go
into great detail now what those plans are, but your help will certainly
not go unrewarded, especially if you were to become more involved, whether
as an consultant or as an active participator.

I appreciate your time, and hope that you are able to shed some light on
some of these questions, and possibly others.
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