Hi all,

 While releasing yaVDR 0.6[1] (blog post will come after the holidays) I wrote 
a little plugin called pulsecontrol:



 If you use Pulseaudio for audio output, you can change some settings of it via 
the vdr's OSD like moving a sink-input
between sinks or selecting different card profiles. You can also change the 
passthrough settings of a card.

 If you want to select a specific card profile or sink on vdr's startup, you 
can place a file called "startup.script" in
the plugin's config directory. The plugin will run it while starting. For now 
only two commands are supported:
set-card-profile and move-sink-input. But more will come if needed.

 If there are multiple files with the script-extension in this directory you 
can select and run them via OSD.

 Hopefully someone will find it useful. :)

 A hint for pulseaudio-newbies: if you want to use AC3 etc. passthrough over 
hdmi with softhddevice, select the profile
"output:hdmi-stereo", not "output:hdmi-surround". And don't forget to activate 
passthrough in softhddevice. It's a bit
confusing to use the stereo-profile, but it's the right one. With Kodi you have 
to select it as well.

 Hint 2: On my Asrock HT330 pulseaudio always forgets the selected profile. You 
can modify /etc/pulse/system.pa (or
default.pa) for selecting it or the plugin's startup.script. With "svdrpsend 
plug pulsecontrol list-cards" you can
determine the right card and profile name.

 Bug reports and feature wishes are welcome.



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