>> He's not asking about HDMI-CEC so this is irrelevant. Additionally,
>> HDMI-CEC support can be very limited on the device end so just because
>> a device technically supports it, that doesn't automatically mean you
>> can do what you want using HDMI-CEC. And plenty of people like me
>> already use multi-device remotes so we don't have to bother with
>> configuring HDMI-CEC at all.
> I can't see why it is a problem to mention other features he would get
> with another solution.

I didn't say it was a problem, I said it's not what he's asking for.
And since you put it that way, not everybody likes a salesman who
tries to "upgrade" or "upsell" the customer to a bunch of stuff they
didn't ask for in the first place. Why is it so difficult for you to
accept there's an simple answer to his simple question that doesn't
involve Kodi.

> On an RPi? With hardware support? I don't believe that.

I didn't say anything about hardware support.

>> I'm only stating the obvious, that Kodi is absolutely unnecessary to
>> give the OP what he's asking for. There is no denying this. And, he
>> can decide if he wants to bother adding Kodi to his setup just to play
>> mkvs, or if something less extreme makes more sense.
> If you let him really decide you shouldn't make solutions bad without
> any proof, only
> because you don't like them.

I haven't said any solution to his problem is bad and I have said I
don't like anything. Once again I have to point out that Kodi is
unnecessary to play mkvs. It's idiotic to even question that fact but
if you really need "proof" then go ahead and install the vdr-mplayer
plugin and prove it to yourself. If you don't want to do that then you
can install the vdr-play plugin as an alternative.

> I asked you already before to explain what makes OpenELEC more
> complicated, you
> didn't answer.

Yes, I have answered that question. Feel free to refer to my previous
posts and perhaps pay better attention to what's being said.

> The only thing that is really obvious that you have no idea what you are
> talking about.

Do you have any idea how completely foolish that sounds?

> As the founder of yaVDR I have some experiences how complicated a vdr
> setup can be.
> As a contributor to OpenELEC I know how simple the setup in OE currently is.

If I'm supposed to be impressed by that, it's not working. I've been a
VDR user for nearly 15 years and have never relied on anyones
pre-compiled packages. I've automated practically every aspect from OS
install to fully working VDR, including auto-configuring things
outside of VDR. So what, who cares? This isn't about how big my
johnson is or how tiny yours seems to be. This started out with a guy
asking a simple question - how can I play mkvs in VDR? If you want to
act butthurt because someone pointed out that all it takes is the
vdr-mplayer or vdr-play plugin then start a new thread about it. I
doubt he posted to the ML in hopes of seeing someone get all sensitive
over Kodi and start acting like its' honor must be defended at all
cost.. It's really starting to seem teenage girl'ish so maybe you
should give it a rest.

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