The easiest way to fix this would be to separate backup and video dir. Why don't you create two directories on your USB HDD and link them into different locations? E.g. Mount the HDD as /mnt/usbdisk and then create a symbolic link /video that points to /mnt/usbdisk/video and one symbolic link /backup that points to /mnt/usbdisk/backup. Or just create two partitions on the external disk and mount them directly to the right places?

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Am 17.02.2016 08:16, schrieb Patrick Boettcher:
Hi list,

I'm using a Raspi2 for vdr and attached a HDD over USB for storage.

I'm also backuping the rootfs (SD-card) onto the HDD on a regular basis.

Checking the logs for another problem it turns out the it enters my
backup-dir and tries to delete empty-directories.

I read in the ML-archive that this is normal behavior. Is there
anything I can do to prevent this? Telling vdr to ignore it.

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