On Fri, Feb 19 2016, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

> In the file cutter.c locate the line
>   AssertFreeDiskSpace(-1);
> in the function cCuttingThread::ProcessSequence(). Chnage the '-1'
> to whatever value between 1 and 100 you like. Note, though, that this
> will remove old recordings with priorities up to the given value minus
> one.

Hi Klaus,

This does not work, because when cutting, vdr writes to disk too fast.
That means that "Factor = 10" is needed in AssertFreeDiskSpace().
So "-1" is the right choice here.

I think, that the solution is much simpler: IMO there is no need for
special treatment of priorities -1 and 0 in AssertFreeDiskSpace().
If you remove the line "if (Priority > 0) {", then the problem is
solved. I've tested it, and it works ok.

You should remove this line anyway, because if someone selects
priority = 0 for some timer, the recording would fail if the disk is
full, even when there are recordings with expired lifetime.


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