I upgraded my computer and now I have Ubuntu 14.4.4 with kernel version 4.2.0-30-generic. When I install xine-ui Version 0.99.7 via synaptic, it works, but the sound is stuttering, switching on and off several times per second. Comparing with an older installation on an other computer, I found that the plugin "xineplug_ao_out_alsa.so" is missing. I compiled several versions of xine, also 0.99.6 and 0.99.9, always with the same result. The file /usr/include/alsa/sound/asoundlib.h exists. I attach the output from the ./configure command and from xine --debug-report. Edit: was refused by the server as spam. So I do it without it. I don't know, what to do anymore. Can anyone help me? I lost too much time with this problem.


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