On 24.04.2016 12:53, Richard F wrote:
Hello all,

As an FYI:  My HD tuner (DVB-T2 290e) was only tuning some combinations of HD 
channels -  I was trying to record 2 HD channels on the same multiplex and 
could only record one. No error was produced by VDR or in the kernel log, just 
that nothing happened, the original channel kept being recorded.

To cut a long story short, I found that in channels.conf some channels were 
configured as


But some were :

(i.e. no modulation specified)

Basically if VDR tried to tune both of these types at the same time, it failed 
as above.

However, individually it could tune to both types.

Once I set them all with B8S1P0M256, I managed to get 4 HD channels 
simultaneously :-)

Perhaps Klaus could confirm - Is this a bug/feature, is the modulation type 
mandatory, recommended, or best to not configure and let VDR determine when 

The tuning parameters need to be exactly the same.
They are compared with strcmp(), and only if they match can two or more
channels be received on the same device.
If VDR creates channels from the SI data, these strings are automatically


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