>  I agree with you. I hope, dynamite was a little inspiration for you. :)

Yes, I used it for some time. Thanks a lot for your work, Lars!

>  I plan (for several years now, sadly) to break out the udev-part of dynamite 
> to make the vdr more dynamic in device
> management. The idle-part is a good first step in that direction.

I remember I've read somewhere (may be at vdr-portal.de) that you had
plans to re-work the dynamite plugin and implement the idle part

> > +  virtual void PowerDown(bool On) {}; +       ///< Actually powers
> > the device down/up.
>  I think the name of the parameter is a bit misleading. With On ==
>  true you mean, that the device is powered down.  Either rename the
>  parameter to "Down" or the function to something like
>  "PowerSaveMode".

Well, it's a matter of style. "On" is a typical VDR name for such
arguments. "Down" looks good as well as "PowerSaveMode" or
"PowerDownMode". I'll consider this change. Thanks.

Sergey Chernyavskiy.

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