I'm happy with just a modest power saving.

Put in context, on my system, 3Wh ~ 25 mins SD content transcoding to
H264/AAC = 30-40% disk space reduction with no noticeable loss of
quality.  So ~70Wh saving / day pays for ongoing SD recording
compression and multi-TB historical library compression in about 3
months. I free up a 1TB or so of RAID :-)


On 7/06/2016 14:45, glenvt18 wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> Unlike DVB-S/S2 tuners your DVB-T/T2 ones don't have to supply power to
> a LNB (which draws at least 2W). So, your 3W drop can be considered as
> "normal". For your USB stick even 1W saving can be helpful.
> Thanks again for testing.
> Sergey.

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