> On 26 Jun 2016, at 04:23, Richard F <li...@keynet-technology.com> wrote:
> Hi Klaus,
> In my testing, (VDR 2.20) the command vdr --genindex fails on an audio-only 
> recording from a radio station for example.
> The index file is generated during a recording, but if deleted, vdr itself 
> cannot regenerate it, nor can the command line command. Kodi for example 
> tries to regenerate it when playing, if it's missing, and fails. If the index 
> is already there, it gets deleted.  Is this by design, or a bug ?

It’s a bug, and a fix (provided by Thomas Reufer) will be coming to
VDR 2.2.1 soon (after I return from my summer vacation ;-).

I’m attaching Thomas’ suggested patch, which I haven’t tested myself, yet.
It’s against VDR version 3.3.1, so I can’t guarantee it will apply easily
to version 2.2.0.


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