> No, that was just a (standard) notification from VDR that the running
> status of a program had changed
Sorry. I was a bit sleepy that night:) It was a false alarm.
> Not sure I have a VNSI priority, at least there isn't a setup variable
> for it.
It's under Settings->Add-ons->My add-ons->PVR clients->
VDR VNSI Client->Configure->General->Priority. I have it set to 0.
> > 8) What timers (their dates) did you have from Jun 24 00:00 to Jun 24
> > 04:00? 
> None
> > 9) What is your Vps Margin setting?
> 600
In this case your VDR might have been trying to update EPG for the
timers scheduled later, probably, next night. Anyway, it's all about
VDR's internal logic for updating timers' EPG events and has nothing to
do with power saving. Every time a VDR decides to update EPG for a
channel with a timer scheduled the device's frontend must be opened
prior to zapping and kept open for a while (38 sec as you see in the
log). If you have power-related issues you're likely to see ioctl()
errors in the log and emergency exits after a recording starts (VDR will
be restarted in this case).
> I'll monitor for any other effects.
Let me know.


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