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> Hi,
> I remember that Rolf always does suggest to use "OctopusNet" or
> "minisatip" as device name.

Yep, that's for the quirks, I think. I simply copied the string as I
found them in the README.

> The other stuff, hmm, I don't know, as the plugin follows quite
> straight the
> SAT>IP specifications. Your add-on is maybe the point to discuss with
> SAT>the  
> original author Rolf.

In the spec I found the description of the fe and src argument. They say
that, AFAIU, the src-arg depends on the configuration of your
satip-environment and that it is the client-side which should be
configured to use it correctly. I assume it is the same for the fe-arg.

I would be delighted if Rolf joins this thread. For the moment I
continue to explore things.


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