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Matthias Bodenbinder <matth...@bodenbinder.de> wrote:

> Hello Christoph,
> based on your feedback I made another test. The USB HD performance
> seems to be ok (see my other reply). But anyways I made a test with
> recording directly to the Flash SD card. And that works pretty well.
> 15 min without issue. So it looks like it is indeed an issue with USB
> on the Raspberry PI 2. Any idea how to solve that?

It _could_ be the write-cache-flush which saturates the bus and then
dramatically decreases I/O of the overall system.


    hdparm -W 0 /dev/<partition>

which might work. I had mixed results with this command on a PC back
then when I wanted to store a continuous stream which came in at 33
MiB/s and lead to data drop due to write-caches on an SSD...

My parents use your setup with an HDD connected to USB and receiving
all DVB over network (which is USB on the RPI2) and have no problems.

You might also try to replace your raspberry Pi - maybe there is
another problem somewhere (if you already did this, sorry, I
must have over-read it).



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