On 30.11.2016 20:25, Richard Scobie wrote:
A number of channels on one mux have HE-AACv2 audio which I believe to be 
incorrectly tagged as AAC and as a result, viewing them live in VDR, the audio 
is mute.

However, if they are recorded and played back in VDR, the audio plays fine.

Can anyone explain the difference between the audio handling?

System is VDR 2.2.0 and TT S2 6400 with 0.5.1 firmware and latest drivers.

In live mode all data is handled directly within the TT S2-6400's
hardware, while when playing a recording, the data (and expecially
the PAT/PMT) has been processed by VDR (when the recording was

Don't know if this has any effect, but it's the only difference
I can think of.


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