Happy New Year VDR users.

There have been a few updates to the vdr-convert script + tools over at
https://projects.vdr-developer.org/projects/vdr-convert/wiki in the last
few weeks:

  * Added support for AC3/DTS streams in VDR1.x recordings (updated
    Genindex). Needs more compatibility testing
  * Added logging criticality to syslog messages (info, warn, err)
  * Optional email notification of events at criticality "err"
  * Fixes for very long program titles/subtitles and " in same

To complete compatibility testing, I need a set of old .vdr recordings
containing AC3/DTS/Other streams? and ideally dvb subtitles from a range
of broadcasters,~100Mb samples are ideal.  If you can help, please post
them on a public fileshare, or point me to any existing files out there,
I would appreciate it. If possible, please provide the matching
"info.vdr" files as well.



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