> Are you saying people are not allowed to put a switch at the point where the 
> cable plugins into their dvb device? It would be no different that putting an 
> ethernet switch on your ethernet line. You don't need to alter anything aside 
> of instead of the cable going into your dvb card, it goes into your switch. 
> 100% internal, 100% your own hardware.


your simple idea sounds fantastic, I really would like to recommend that to all 
these users. Well, we all would have done that already, be sure ... ;-)

Unfortunately the reality is little bit more difficult, one COAX cable is not 
enough to cover all needs for receiving satellite signal. It's enough to power 
one DVB card (or two in case of device bonding), if there's proper 
infrastructure on the other end of the cable, delivering all needs for SAT 

Unlike terrestric or cable signals, you cannot just split one COAX cable for 
satellite signals. Each DVB-S/S2 card does need to control individualy its 
parameters to receive a specific transponder/channel. So it's possible to mount 
a splitter, but VDR must be able to control that. VDR can do exactly that with 
device bonding aka LNB sharing ...


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