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> Andreas:
> As I said, no "magic" or "luck" is needed. Apparently you've never
> heard of bandstacking. In the case of DVB-S, it's where one side is
> carried in 950-1450Mhz and the other is carried in 1650-2150Mhz - full
> circular lnb on ..one..single..cable,..no..magic. Bandstacking doesn't
> use voltage switching, instead it simply operates at 18v. Power is
> supplied either by the tuner or by a powered switch (if present). It's
> not new and very commonly used here in NA/SA so whatever looking into
> this subject you did, you didn't look very hard. It's reasonable that
> you may live in some old crappy apartment with a horrible setup where
> you truly are without options. You'll have a hard time finding such a
> building here however. For that matter, most apartments have no
> problem with tenants setting up dishes of their own with few
> restrictions.

Then you are lucky in NA/SA. In Europe the full band 950-2100 Mhz is used for 
TV broadcasting and that is true for low band (10700 - 11700 Mhz) and high band 
(11700 - 12700 MhZ) and for vertical and horizontal polarization each, 4 
complete full bands, so no bandstacking is possible.

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