ti, 2016-12-20 kello 17:05 +0100, Harald Milz kirjoitti:
> Hi all,
> I would like to run my headless VDR without a primary DVB (or
> suspended
> output) but keep xineliboutput running. I can't figure out how. 

There was a bug in xineliboutput automatic primary device switching. It
should be fixed in sourceforge git.

> My VDR has 4 receivers (2x Astra, 2x Hotbird) without MPEG decoder.
> It runs
> vnsiserver (for my Kodi client), streamdev-server (for some browser /
> clients) and xineliboutput (because it's sometimes useful to have
> access to
> the VDR console via remote). Alas, xineliboutput will always be the
> primary
> DVB device and block a receiver, which is nasty when VDR is recording
> on one
> bouquet, xineliboutput blocks another bouquet and I want to watch
> live TV on
> just another bouquet, all on the same satellite. 
> Can I use the suspendoutput plugin while keeping xineliboutput active
> so that
> I can access it with vdr-sxfe when needed? 

Yes, that was one of the reasons why it was written.

Recent xineliboutput can trigger suspendoutput automatically when vdr-
sxfe is disconnected (this could use some testing ...). See --auto-
suspend option.

> TIA! 
> (I could "park" xineliboutput on an arbitrary hotbird channel though
> but I'd
> like to have it automated ...) 

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